Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fire Clan - Character Development

Fire clan is the second clan and shares a border with Lion clan. Fire clan  will make sure that loners and kitty pets will stay out of their territory.

Leader : Rosestar - Red-brown she-cat with black tipped ears and black paws.

Deputy : Waterlily - Dark gray she-cat with pale gray patches and green eyes.

Medicine cat : Fuzpelt - Dusky brown she-cat with amber eyes. Mentor to Turtlepaw.


Birchstream - Pale brown tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Icefang - Ice-white she-cat with blue eyes.

Maplepool - Black-and- pale gray tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.

Daisycloud - Dark cream she-cat with gray paws .

Hailpelt - Dark gray tom with white specks in his fur.

Foxtail - Ginger-red tom with green eyes.

Stumpyfoot - Gray tabby tom.

Hollystream - Pale gray she-cat with yellow eyes.

Oakfur -Brown tom with only half his tail.

Coalwhisker - Black she-cat with a white under belly.

Pikefoot - Rock-gray tom with a very long tail.

Bluefame - Blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes.Mentor to Pine paw.


Rivertail - Gray she-cat with white tipped ears and tail.Mother to Berrykit and Flykit.

Snowstorm - White she-cat with light blue eyes. Mother to Emraldkit and Amberkit.

Waterlily - See deputy for description. Mother to Sweetkit.


Berrykit - Dark gray tom with yellow eyes.

Flykit - Brown-and-cream tabby tom.

Sweetkit - Orange tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Emraldkit - Cream she-cat with black tipped ears.

Amberkit - White-and-gray tabby tom.


Turtlepaw - (Medicine cat apprentice) Brown-gray she-cat.

Pinepaw - Light gray tabby tom with green eyes.


Sparowsong - Gray tabby tom.

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